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Workplace noise

Noise protection at existing and planned workplaces

Measurement of noise pollution at existing workplaces and calculations for future workplaces.
Allocation of noise exposure zones according to European regulations "2003/10/EG" Development of action plans and supervision of implementation.

If noise reduction is required, sound analyses are performed using sound intensity probes, one-third octave analysis, FFT-analysis, vibration analysis, sound-tube measurements etc. Solutions are detailed in drawings including lists of all relevant parameters. Information about suppliers and manufacturers of noise protection components is provided with professional guidance for tendering.

Consulting services for purchasing of new plant and machinery
Calculation of future noise emissions and graphic presentation in the form of a grid noise map.
Calculation and verification of sound emission parameters for machines according to EU-regulations.

Noise reduction concepts for existing machinery and plant 

Performance of sound analyses using exact measurement and calculation methods for determination of noise impact at work places and to employees.
Determination of noise impact to staff. Evaluation of effectiveness of organizational measures (shorter time of sound exposure etc).

Based on these analyses measures for noise reduction at the sound source at minimum cost can be prepared.
If these measures are insufficient or too costly, other ideas can be offered, such as sound absorbing ceilings, sound barriers between source and work place, encasing of machinery or sound insulation in staff areas.

The new EU-regulation "Noise" requires those responsible for safety at the workplace to revise noise handling and puts cost pressure on the companies. Through early integration of noise management into all operation processes, including organization, purchasing, quality control etc. costs can be reduced considerably.

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For developers, manufacturers and suppliers of plant and machinery, for employers, etc.

Important: Since 2006 new limit values: Limit value lowering to 5 dB(A) and new parameters!











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