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Special services

Noise measure tube (Sound measurement sensor)

The sensor developed by BEKON permits sound pressure measurement in very hot gaseous media, in which conventional microphones cannot be used. The sensor can also be specially equipped for measurement in aggressive media.

The sound sensor consists of a measurement tube, a cooling section, microphone retainer with integrated microphone and a balance to eliminate background noise interference. In order to perform measurements, the measurement tube is inserted into the region to be measured. The sound pressure is transmitted to the microphone via the measurement tube and evaluated by a frequency analyzing unit. The microphone is protected from overheating by the cooling unit located between the microphone retainer and the measurement tube.

The maximum temperature for short period measurement (t < 10 min.) is 700°C, for continuous operation without active cooling approx. 150°C and for continuous operation with active cooling 200 – 600°C.

No supply current is required for the operation of the sound sensor without active cooling. Operation with active cooling over a restricted period can be battery powered, for continuous operation over longer periods with active cooling a 12 V (DC) power supply is required.

To facilitate handling of the sound sensor, measurement tubes of varying length can be fitted, for which individual correction values are provided.

Investigation of damage

Determination of impact duration of complex equipment by use of our machinery surveillance system (detection of switching operations for evaluation of the different types of disturbing loud processes)

Own Software

Use of software we developed ourselves, BETOPWIN for data collection and evaluation.
Complex measurement conditions can be analyzed and evaluated.


Calculation and estimation of emissions from agricultural operations with animal husbandry. Determination of minimum distances according to VDI regulations.

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For developers, manufacturers and suppliers of plant and machinery, for employers, etc.























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