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Sample projects

Powerplant Brazil

System supplier for energy provider Brazil (turn-key plant)

Assignment description:
The assignment of this order consists of providing technical proof that the execution of construction work of a power plant to produce an approx. 40 MW energy output meets the customer’s acoustic requirements.

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Our service:

Preparation of a noise reduction concept with verifiable documentation.The calculation methods used in this concept are based on international standards.
powerplant2.gif (8490 Byte) On the basis of our experience in the machinery acoustic, building physics and sound propagation calculation sectors and with the aid of extensive software packets it was possible to plan the plant so all sound parameters (e.g. for control room, neighboring buildings, etc.) could be met.

Logistics Center Germany:

International tire manufacturer

Assignment description:
Due to modification of a logistics concept a new logistics hall had become necessary on the existing premises of an omnibus manufacturer. Our task consisted of making the construction of the logistics hall possible, also during night-time hours, without exceeding the permissible noise limit in a neighboring purely residential area and at the same time not restricting the permissible level of noise for the omnibus manufacturer. The building site was located in the unplanned outskirts (no building construction plan and no commercial estate shown in the land utilization plan!). On the basis of these general conditions a short-term realization was specified.

Our Service:
Preparation of a noise concept for the alteration of the land utilization plan, for drawing up of the building plan and for the approval planning for building and operation of the hall. In this context coordination with the representatives of the omnibus manufacturer and the approval authorities was necessary. All this had to be carried out in very close coordination with the planning office for the logistics hall and the urban planning office. Also of importance was the extensive support by the town council, for whom this project played an important role in promotion of commerce. Through the support provided by BEKON Lärmschutz & Akustik GmbH it was possible within six months to carry out all acoustic tasks, from the preliminary building application via the alteration of the land utilization plan and realization of the building plan through to building approval.

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