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Noise protection

Sound Pressure Level Measurements in accordance with § 26 BImSchG

Noise impact measurements, caused by industrial sites, discotheque, sports facilities, traffic and all other sources of noise.

In more complicated emission situations we employ computer based measuring systems, enabling us to distinguish the noise impact caused by our clients from those caused by other sources.

Determination of noise levels for the licensing procedure of new Projects

Preparation of specialist reports on noise and vibration for industrial companies as part of the licensing procedure, including acquisition of required data. Interaction and clarification with emission protection authorities. Testing of technical requirements concerning sound levels provided in legislative development plans. Working out solutions to obtain legal permission for planned projects.

Noise protection in urban development planning

Large scale calculation of noise immission (industry, traffic, sports, and recreational areas) and graphical presentation of noise impact in form of a grid map for urban development plans.
We provide acoustic solutions to overcome existing and new conflicts caused by noise pollution between adjacent areas of different use by determining area based sound power levels, required distances, and other measures for emission reduction.

Preparation of proposals for the constitution and justification for development plans. Support for consideration of possible investor participation. Compiling of documentation for decisions on the section “noise control”.

Noise calculations in case of new construction of roads and railway tracks or significant modification

Calculation of noise propagated from public roads and railways. Comparison of calculated rating levels to the limit values set by the Sixteenth Ordinance for Implementing of the Federal Emission Control Directive (Traffic Noise Ordinance 16. BImSchV)".

In case of the emission limit value being exceeded, appropriate active and/or passive noise protection measures will be proposed.
Comparison of calculated results with permitted values according to German Regulations "DIN 18005, Teil 1, "Schallschutz im Städtebau, Berechnungsverfahren", mit Beiblatt 1". In case of contravention: preparation of arguments for justification.
Development of necessary sound protection measures and calculation of costs according to German regulations "AKS Gruppe 86". Determination of the number of windows affected by excessive noise levels. Calculation of costs according to the German regulations "AKS Gruppe 13".
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For manufacturing plants, clubs, movie theaters, open-air events, public offices, neighbors, administrative court, lawyers etc.







For Industry, clubs, movie theaters, open-air events, neighbors, administrative courts, lawyers etc.









For communities, investors, pre-investment studies, etc.w.













For road construction investors, neighbors, lawyers etc.


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