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Noise at construction sites

Sound engineering at construction sites

Assistance in the selection of low-noise machines (RAL-UZ 53), according to German Regulation "32. BImSchV - Geräte- und Maschinenlärmschutzverordnung" and the Guideline 2000/14/EG of the European Parliament and the instalment of Mai 8th 2000 for adjustment of legal rights of the member-states for environmentally polluting sound emissions of machinery and equipment in outdoor use,

according to German law "GSG – Gerätesicherheitsgesetz" and German Regulation "3. GSGV – Maschinenlärminformationsverordnung" and "Standardleistungsbuch 898 – Schutz gegen Baulärm und Erschütterung"   

Sound monitoring at construction sites

Performance of measurements (both short and long term)Compiling of a catalogue containing measures for noise reduction.Verification of machinery used according to RAL-UZ 53, Maschinenlärmschutzverordnung, der 3. GSGV" and other regulations.

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For consultants, construction
companies, house builders, public offices, etc.







For consulting offices, construction firms, neighbors, public offices, etc.








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