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Noise abatement planning

Noise abatement planning according to EC Directive 2002/49/EC relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise

Implementation of all our services according to the regulation for fulfillment of the EC-environmental noise directive.
Consulting for noise abatement planning.

Consulting and support in the development of working groups, budgetary planning, etc. for adoption and updating of noise abatement plans.

Development of strategic noise maps

Adoption of data models from maps and GIS for the development of models of buildings for use in calculations.
Adoption of the model into the calculation program.
Comprehensive calculation of noise immissions (traffic, industry, commercial centers, air-traffic, sports facilities) and graphic presentation in form of noise maps.

Development of sensitivity maps
Transfer of construction plans into a computerized model for development of sensitivity maps.

Conflict map development

Development of conflict maps based on noise and sensitivity maps.

Development of maps with affected areas

Entering of populations of respective areas into the computer model and creation of maps displaying affected areas based on noise maps, sensitivity maps, and conflict maps.


Development of measures and action plans

Development of measures and action plans for noise reduction. This is performed by a group consisting of administrative authorities and the city council.
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For communities and local organizations

Important: Since 2004 implementation of the EU guideline as national law

Phase 1:
Agglomerations > 250.000 inhabitants
major roads
> 6 million. vehicles/year
major railways
> 60.000 trains/year
major airports > 50.000 passages/year
Strategic noise maps
no later than 30. Juni 2007
Action plans
no later than 18. Juli 2008


Phase 2:
Agglomerations > 100.000 inhabitants
major roads
> 3 million. vehicles/year
major railways
> 30.000 trains/year
Strategic noise maps
no later than 30. Juni 2012
Action plans
no later than 18. Juli 2013




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