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Machinery Acoustics

Noise measurements for CE marking

Measurements for CE- marking according to Directive 2000/14/EC (noise emission by equipment used outdoors) and the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC as from 2009-12-29 the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC.

Noise analysis for noise

Sound analysis (with sound intensity probes, one-third-octave-analysis, FFT-Analysis, vibration-analysis with modal analysis) for sound reduction of machinery and equipment. Development of measures for sound reduction including detailed drawings, manufacturer selection, and verification of implemented procedures.
Sound localization with Sound intensity probes.

Modal Analysis as tool for structural improvements.
Preparation of Master plans for noise reduction.
Consulting and planning for low-noise constructions.

Acoustics of engines and power plants

Noise analyses and development of sound reduction measures (with sound intensity probes, one-third-octave-analysis, FFT-analysis, vibration measurement with modal analysis) for engine noise reduction.
Exhaust duct measurements at temperatures up to 500 °C and sound pressure levels up to 180 dB. Detection of longitudinal damping, sound insulation, adjustment of pipe flow characteristics in exhaust ducts and converging pipes. Development of special solutions for extremely high sound reduction requirements.

Measurements of sound pressure levels of installed equipment for verification of manufacturer defined values. Development of sound reduction measures (also for low frequency noise) in detailed drawings and lists of relevant sound parameters.

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For developers, manufacturers, and operators of machinery and plant

For developers, manufacturers, and operators of machinery and plant

Planners, manufacturers and operating companies of plants domestically and internationally (large scale engines, bio-power-plants, turbo machinery, and other power generating plants)










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