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Construction Engineering

Sound protection in building construction

Sound protection verifications according to the German guideline "DIN 4109, "Schallschutz im Hochbau, Anforderungen und Nachweise", November 1989" using computer models for verification of required sound insulation for very difficult cases of airborne and impact noise in building construction.

This is performed for determination of required sound insulation factors for protection from outdoor noise caused by traffic. Outdoor sound levels are determined according to noise protection regulations for roads, RLS-90, and/or regulations for determination of sound immission from railroad traffic (Schall 03) version 1990 and determination of sound insulation factors according to VDI-regulation 2719, "Schalldämmung von Fenstern und deren Zusatzeinrichtungen ", as of August 1987.

Calculation of sound reduction ratings according to current regulations.

Calculation of acoustic characteristics of buildings. Individual acoustical consulting for planning, sanitation, and change of use of existing buildings.

Acoustic measurements in construction (airborne and impact sound insulation for quality assurance, appraisal of current state of building substance and preservation of evidence.

Consulting to the “state of the art”

According to VDI guideline 4100 “Noise control in dwellings – Criteria for planning and assessment” and DIN 4109-10 " Sound protection in building construction, suggestions for enhanced noise insulation in dwellings "

Consulting and planning in architectural acoustics for concert and multiuse, halls, schools, kindergarten, and industrial facilities.
Acoustic engineering in buildings with multiple usage (industrial, residential, etc).

We provide guidance regarding the selection of acoustically efficient materials and the development of performance specifications.

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For Construction companies, consultants, customers, investors, communities, etc.



















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